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Whether you need a divorce lawyer, child support lawyer, or child custody lawyer, Dayne Marguglio is an experienced family law attorney who offers high quality, effective representation personally tailored to each client's unique needs, interests and goals. Dayne Marguglio will strive to help each client attain the best possible results in their family law case hopefully through a reasonable, fair and equitable settlement process or mediation, which is usually the quickest, least disruptive and most economical way to settle your disputes. However, in situations where no agreements can be reached, Dayne Marguglio is an experienced litigator who will work toward obtaining the best possible outcome in the courtroom. Dayne Marguglio has the ability and knowledge of family law needed to achieve your goals in complicated emotional, financial and legal family law issues.

To learn how we can help you, contact the Dayne Marguglio Law Office in Dallas by calling (214) 750-8603 to schedule a consultation.

Dayne Marguglio's law office is exclusively devoted to the area of family law. Dayne Marguglio has handled thousands of family law cases in his 33 years of practice in Dallas and surrounding counties. Many family law cases have complex and often emotionally charged issues. The length of a case can range from a few months to a few years, depending on the complexity. It is important to meet and interview your attorney, as you may be working closely with your attorney during the pendency of your case dealing with important issues.


Dallas Divorce Lawyer

The Dallas based, Law Office of Dayne Marguglio, provides comprehensive and compassionate family law services.

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